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Custom-Made Necklaces

A custom-made necklace is the perfect one-of-kind gift to give yourself or other's, each piece is wearable art that you can make requests (artist designs piece in style seen on site)

Getting started is easy, 1) Buy and 2) fill out the request form below 

Plan 2 weeks for a custom order as we may have to order beads. Each necklace is made with care and intention from the artist and healer. Style won't deviate from the ancient way style so please like the style before you order custom because it won't be different it's just guided by your preferences. Fill out the form below Express a couple preferences and leave the rest to magic and art, we connect to the divine and ask for the highest and best good for the purpose of the piece.

We will design on a design board send a pic for approval minor edits can be made. Final is approved and then sent to you.

SALE $60 thru 4-5


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A loyal client had a special request as his 
beloved was looking for a red stone necklace for a special occasion.  I designed a few with the the red beads. I had and I laid them up on the bead board took a pic and sent to the client before  they were strung and wrapped. The client couldn’t pick a favorite and bought all three. The project was so fun that I decided to do customs. Needless to say his love was very touched by the thoughtful custom-made gift.

The "Red" Stone Necklace


The sleek style will be more modern and simple one focal bead, 2-3 bead styles, sizes and 1-3 colors 16-18" long


This style has more flourishes 
or subfocals. Varied
bead  styles, sizes 3-7
and 2-5 colors. Approx. 16-18" long


This style is all natural stones not dyed/treated with modern technology. Varied bead  styles, sizes, colors 2-5 Approx. 16-18" long  Cost:$80


Similar to splashy we use higher quality stones. Varied bead styles, sizes, colors 2-5. Also choose Grandious if you want  28" custom and note this in form.


Thanks for submitting!

Order Now by filling out form and paying deposit.

Custom Order

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