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Hand-made one-of-kind 
Crystal or Stone Jewelry

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Ancient Ways Artisan Creations is a collective of artist's
that create hand-made artisan pieces with gemstones that are
sourced responsibly.

Ancient Ways Healing Stones

In ancient times tribes from all around the world believed that stones from the earth held healing properties. Stones were used for tools, adornment and a vessel to hold space for intention. They were magical talisman, which were gifts from the creator. 

Ancient Ways Artisan Creations are infused with love and the intention to heal. Each piece is made with gemstones from nature. Each creation is blessed with sage and given acknowledgement as a gift from the creator and given the power to work with the one who wears it.

Activate your intention each time you wear or place your talisman in it's space. 

Ancient Ways Healing Stones:

    • Hand-made and Unique no two are a-like

    • Infused with love and blessed

    • Are natural and from the earth 

Selecting a piece:
Choose what calls to you and that is what is meant for you, if you are gifting hold the person you are gifting to at the top of your mind and ask the right one for this person to be felt by you.

Each piece was designed around 4 different major themes:

1Love/Relationships/Communication, Strength/Courage/Protection, Soothe/Calm/Secure, Luck and Manifestation

Stones can range from AA-D most necklaces have a mix of quality and stones will can contain natural defects to which we see as perfection. Prices are directly correlation to stone quality and or cost.


Inquire about Custom-made

Get a custom made necklace by providing the wearers name and top three priorities they want to work with in their Talisman. You can express color preference and focal stone preference. Keep in mind the most magical necklace is made when we leave it up to intuition as this is divine connection. Custom-made artisan necklaces start at $80 for similar quality stones seen in the site, premium quality can be used with the appropriate upcharge. Please specify if you are interested in specifying stones or quality/grade.

We are looking for like-minded Artisans for our Collective

We are looking to add artisans to our collective, we are seeking ancient ways artisans to showcase, so please contact us at 


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